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Avenue The Musical Recording Studio is an independent music studio in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. We specialise in all sorts of music production. If you are a music lover and are looking to make unfiltered and excellent quality music, then you have come to the right place.

We are quite passionate about what we do. We offer these services at affordable prices too. We aim to help you produce excellent quality melodies.

Avenue The Musical Recording Studio was established to produce quality music using state-of-the-art equipment. Our studio is well furnished, and we are confident we have all the equipment needed to make pure music. We excel at every aspect of music production, from recording down to editing. Each department has an office space of its own, and the office spaces are equipped with excellent quality equipment.

Our Services

Music studios that produce excellent quality music are hard to find. It gets even harder to find a studio that produces quality music at fair prices. At Avenue The Musical Recording Studio, it has a lot more to do with passion for quality music than for remuneration. This is why we offer the following services at extremely fair prices.

Recording and Producing

Recording and producing music is an art. It takes dedication and passion, and both qualities are present in all our employees. We work with music producers who have had years of experience and enough time to perfect this amazing art. They are quite friendly too, and easy to work with. They aim to give you value for your money in the form of the quality of service you are getting from them.

We have an excellent recording studio that is a haven for music makers. There are state-of-the-art microphones that help you make quality music. The booth is also soundproof. That way, you don’t get any distractions when making your music. Our recording headphones are also quite comfortable on your ears for extended studio sessions.


At Avenue The Musical Recording Studio, we offer songwriting services. We hire our employees based on merit, talent and passion. Our songwriters are creative and guaranteed to deliver amazing lyrics. Whatever genre you need songwriting for, we are confident we can be of help.

Gear and Hire

We also offer a service where we provide you with music-making equipment on leases. All our equipment, down to the most insignificant, are of excellent quality. They are guaranteed to help you produce the quality of music you desire. So, whether you are looking to record or produce music, we have any and every piece of equipment you could need.

Beyond equipment, we also have instruments for hire. We have a range of quality instruments you can choose from. They are also from various brands, so you get to select the brands you prefer making music with. We offer these services to music bands, producers, and instrumentalists.

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