Composing – TV and Film

Composing – TV and Film
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Song Composition

At Avenue The Musical Recording Studio, we have a lot of services we offer. One of them is composing songs for TV and Film production. We have years of experience in writing songs for TV shows and film production. This puts us in the best position to assist you in determining the most suitable tone for your TV show or film.

We have composed theme songs for a myriad of TV shows and films, and we are confident that we will provide you with the excellent quality and catchy songs your shows or documentaries deserve.

TV Shows

Sometimes, we remember theme songs or background songs from our favourite TV shows. Songs like this cause being about a nostalgic feeling in us. Sometimes, all we need to trigger this feeling is a lyric or two from the song or merely the song’s tune. Humans are known to associate a sound with memories, and an excellent way to ensure that the memories of your past or ongoing TV shows stick in your audience’s mind is to compose a great theme song for it.

At Avenue The Musical Recording Studio, we will help you come up with catchy musical content that is incomplete tandem with the plot of your show. We have experience at discerning what appeals to the human senses. Let us help you compose a song that achieves this on all levels.


If you require catchy songs for your lengthy or short films, we offer our services. We compose songs for various genres of movies. Whether your film is a romantic comedy or a tragic film, we are confident that we can provide a quality of service that would amaze your audience. We are adept at recognising and setting tones in our lyrics, and we would love to serve you in this capacity.


Documentaries also require catchy theme songs. They could be with or without lyrics. Contact us today, and we will satisfy your every music need.

Additional Services

We compose interesting and catchy theme songs and background songs for films, TV shows and documentaries. We also offer some additional services. Besides composing suitable songs for your film, we offer a service where we hire singers who can bring these songs to life for you. Our experience guides us in choosing the most suitable singer who would deliver all the essential parts of the song- the tone, pitch, melody and mood.

If you would also like to have the song recorded and produced at our studio, we are willing to help. Our producers are experienced and passionate about what they do. We can assure you that we are the most suitable independent music makers for the job. We will give you quality service and maximum value for your money.

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