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At Avenue The Musical Recording Studio, we not only make excellent music, but we organise fun events as well. These events are designed to both educate and entertain music lovers from every part of Australia.

We organise these events at irregular intervals to ensure you don’t miss out on them; please check our website regularly for information regarding the events. These events have always been and will always be fun. Come prepared to have fun and learn from the best in the music industry.

Each event we organise entails some of the following:


Our events at Avenue The Musical Recording Studio have never been devoid of food. There are finger foods available for everyone who attends these events. You never go hungry at an Avenue The Musical Recording Studio meet and greet.

We also provide sufficient drinks and sometimes wine for everyone. Attending our events means two things- you are getting a filled belly and expanding your knowledge of music in one way or the other!


These events have always been known to be fun. We invite the most interesting sets of people in the music-making industry. There are also various sets of games we have made available for you to play. There is always an activity or the other during these events, and there is never a dull moment here.

Shared Experiences

What is a better way there to learn that from shared experiences? This is why we periodically invite different producers and music lovers with years of experience in the music business. You get to learn a thing or two from them. Some of the things you can learn from them include but are not limited to how they acquired their skills, the number of years it took them, their production techniques and some tips for you if you are a beginner. The majority of them would tell you it took them years of constant practice to get to where they are present. These individuals are present at our events to have fun and serve as a source of motivation to developing music producers.


Where there is a group of music lovers, there will be dancing. Songs produced and recorded by established and upcoming music producers and singers are usually played at these events. This is typically an opportunity for everyone present to appreciate the art produced. So, come in your dancing shoes and prepare to have some fun on our dance floor!

Musical Performances

Our events are sometimes quasi concerts. Not only experienced and established artists perform at these events. Everyone interested in displaying a musical talent or two can mount our stages. The aim is to just have fun with music, food and people.

Some Learning

When you mingle with experienced music producers and singers, you guaranteed to learn a thing or two from them. This is your opportunity to ask questions and get answers that you haven't been able to find on the internet.

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