Gear and Hire

Gear and Hire
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Gear for Hire

Do you have an event coming up at your church or school? Are you organising a huge event? Are you looking to record a song on your own? Do you have your team of music producers who require a piece of particular equipment or two? Would you like to shoot an advertisement video, and need some of our equipment for the audio aspect of that video? If yes, then please stay a while!

At Avenue The Musical Recording Studio, we offer a service where we put up excellent quality music recording and producing equipment for hire at extremely fair prices. We are music lovers, and we love to appreciate music even when we are the ones making it. This is why we endeavour to go for excellent quality equipment when we are in the market for equipment for hire. We can assure you that what we charge for using this equipment is guaranteed to bring you maximum value for your money.

Recording Gear

We are confident that we can supply you with all the recording gear you need to make excellent music at Avenue The Musical Recording Studio. Some of the recording gear we offer for hire include different recording microphones from different brands, comfortable headphones, and microphone stands.

Whether you are looking to shoot an advert and need recording gear to record the audio aspect or need our recording gear for the audio in your musical, we are an independent business you can rely on. We offer you these services at relatively affordable prices.

Production Gear

Recording and producing music are activities that go hand in hand. You need production equipment to work on the music you are recording or have recorded. Even if you do not need recording gear from us, we still offer production gear for hire. We have a package that gives you every piece of equipment you need to adequately produce a song. We have editing, blending, mixing, comping and every other gear you need to make excellent music. Reach out to us today, and we will provide all these services and more at fair prices.


We also offer several musical instruments for hire. You could choose to use this service for orchestra performances, church renditions, weddings, birthdays or any event that requires the use of music. Bands can also rent out instruments for concerts or tours.


You can also hire our studio for a particular period. We offer full or half-day hires. You can choose to hire our studio and our employees or come along with your producers.

If you are an independent artist and are looking to record a song that uses live performances from musical instruments, you can also use this service. For musicians with live performances in Australia, we also offer our services. You can hire these instruments on a short- or long-term basis.

Contact us today at Avenue The Musical Recording Studio. We will provide you with all the gear you wish to hire to have a successful and interesting music recording and production session at fair prices.

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