Our Studio

Our Studio
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The Studio

Not many recording studios in Australia can boast of well-equipped and spacious studios. However, at Avenue The Musical Recording Studio, we can. Our studio sits on a large expanse of land in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It is quite conspicuous and aesthetically appealing. When you have a recording session with us for the first time, we are confident you won’t find it difficult to locate our studio. This is just the exterior. Let’s move on to the interior.

Music Recording Equipment

To produce excellent quality sound, you need just as great quality equipment. When you book a music recording session with us at Avenue The Musical Recording Studio, you know you are booking excellent quality. Every piece of equipment in our recording boots is designed to produce maximum quality. Singing into our microphones equates singing to quality. When you sing into quality, the result is quality.

We have state-of-the-art equipment that we regularly upgrade to ensure maximum value for money. We buy this equipment from the best brands in Australia and beyond. We have never used, and we never plan to use inferior quality equipment in our studio.

Asides from the microphones in the recording booths, the headphones we provide you are also top-notch. They are designed for extended studio sessions. Some headphones can be quite tight around your ears, and if you use them for a long time, you might develop a headache. We ensure that the headphones we offer you are well padded and don’t turn out to be a bother later on.

Music Production Equipment

Our producers also work with the best music production equipment in Australia and beyond. Producers need a lot of excellent quality equipment for the various aspects of music production. We equip our producers with this equipment to ensure that they produce the most outstanding quality sounds humanly possible. We aim to deliver unadulterated music.

Recording Boots

Our recording booths at Avenue The Musical Recording Studio are spacious, and we're designed for maximum comfort. Whether you'd be spending a long time there or not, we aim to provide you with comfort. The boots are also large enough for a maximum of seven backup singers. You and your backup singers, if you have any, are assured comfort and a haven when you record with us.

Producing Boots

Avenue The Musical Recording Studio was also designed to ensure the maximum comfort of our producers. The producing boots are spacious enough to house all the essential equipment needed for excellent quality music production.

Gear and Hire

We have a particular area for the equipment we put up for hire. This ensures we don't have them mixed up with the equipment we regularly use at our studio.


We also offer instruments for hire, and there is a particular storage space for all of them.

Workshop Area

If you are looking to learn the art of music production, we have a large enough workshop.

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